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If you are a general contractor with high ethical and work standards who is looking to develop a long-term relationship with a well-established real estate development firm that will provide you with a steady stream of work and pay you a fair price for the work you do—when you complete it, not weeks or months later—then we are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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How it works.

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You bid on the property based off of our detailed scope of work.

Step 4

When approved, you start work. We love paying for completed work!

Short & Long Term Renovation Goals

As well-established real estate professionals, we are in this business for the long haul. We place a high priority on developing long-term relationships with our customers and our contractors so that we all achieve our goals.

Short Term Goals

Our short term goal is to aggressively expand the presence of our business in surrounding markets. Each year for the past 10 years we have surpassed our residential redevelopment goals. Currently we about 25- 30 properties in various stages of redevelopment every month. From redevelopments to new construction projects our budgets range anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000 plus. Our goal is to turn around our projects at a rapid pace so we can get paid as quickly as possible and use those profits to immediately start on the next project. This ensures that we and our contractor teams have a steady supply of work.
Long Term Goals

Our 5-10 Year Vision

What this means for you is we will create a growing stream of rehab projects for our contractors to work on long into the future, providing our affiliated contractors with a reliable source of projects for many years to come.